Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cherry on Top Award

Well, it was a nice surprise that my friend, Diane, had awarded me the Cherry on Top Award! Diane and I work together as recruiters for Scrapbooking Design & You Classes. We share the quality of being just technical enough that we keep ourselves in trouble! LOL! Thanks, Diane! You should be impressed that I managed to find this artwork for the award and post it....or that I am even able to do a blog!
Diane said I should name three things I like about myself.
First, my dedication. I am very happy that I have lost about eighty pounds in the last year. I used to teach Weight Watchers and hope to teach again soon. I still have a few pounds to go and am now trying to learn the new Points Plus program, but I am proud of myself for losing the weight I have lost so far. Weight loss is one of those things you have to do for yourself...if you are doing it for someone else or something else, the pounds might find you again! There are many other things to which I am dedicated and when I put my mind to do something, I keep with it.
I enjoy my creativity. Sometimes I say it is a curse as you have all these ideas and no time to create them all, but it is nice to always feel assured that you will pull things together and come up with something totally from inside. Obviously, we are all affected by the things around us to some degree, but I can truly say that I have enough inside my head to keep me going as long as I live! I am happy for my "eye", both in artwork and photography.
The third thing I feel happy and strongly about today is loyalty. I feel that I am very loyal to the people that I care about and I appreciate loyalty from others.
Thanks, again, Diane. I will go on the search for other blogs worthy of this award. Before I leave I will tell you a quick story.
When I was a child, my mother would often serve lettuce with cottage cheese and a cherry on top as a salad. I guess it was a 50's or 60's thing. She had the table all prepared with the salads in place when she came back in there and there were pink spots where the cherries had been....some little girl had eaten all the cherries! LOL! I always have loved cherries! :-) That was kind of like when I decided I needed some of my mother's stash of cloth and I cut out squares from her cloth rather than cutting all the way across the yardage....didn't take her long to figure out how that happened!
I guess it is better to be the cherry on top rather than the pink spot!


Mary said...

Holly, Beautiful blog. Wonderful choice of characteristics. I've been enjoying your blog all year. What a darling Grand are blessed! You have been an inspiration to me on my weight loss journey. I look forward to reading your blog throughout the coming year. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Becky said... your cherry story - that is funny! We need to see some updated pictures of Jackson soon....playing Santa will be so much fun this year for your family!! Enjoy!!!

Diane Long said...

Oh I love your story! that made me laugh, I totally forgot my mom used to serve the same thing!
Inky hugs!

Jan Castle said...

So, Holly, is the WW new point system better/easier to follow? By the way, you look fabu!!!! Keep up the good work - know you must feel wonderful too!
Speaking of blogs, yours if one of my favorites!

Lisa said...

Holly - Congratulations on the award! You and your blog deserve it. I look forward to checking your blog daily. Enjoyed the salad story, although I never took the cherry - But then, I don't remember you ever eating dog chow so I guess we are even. Have a great day and keep up the good work with the blog. I enjoyed being with you and Jim this past weekend - we need to do it more often! Love you!