Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Birthday Cards

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. We went down to Jacksonville to be with my family and had a wonderful time.

My birthday was the Monday before Thanksgiving and I received these handmade cards in addition to some lovely store bought ones also. The one above was made by my friend Tina and she designed the word stamp she used. She always does little details like the embossed script on the background and the delicate matting (she love Perfect Layers!). She also sent me a Christmas Story shirt with Ralphie in the bunny suit, as she knows that is one of my favorite movies!

Marian did the card below. She should own stock in a company that sells stamps and punches :-). I love how the stamp and punch coordinate...I did not know they had that.

Yunetta made the card above and used flocking on the flowers. It is so pretty in person....such a pretty color combination. Love the flocking!
Kathy made the one below (I just ordered that word stamp from Inkadinkado.....though I probably already have it here somewhere). I noticed my sister had identical stamps on her shelf when I was there last week....I think we all do that! Love these colors too. Kathy and I decided that we both have more ribbon than one can use in a lifetime!
I will have to photograph the lovely card Jim gave me. He bought it from Papryus, but it is something we could make if we wanted.
He also gave me an iPad, to which I am already addicted. I have never played games on my iPhone, but I have several that makes me lose time now! Jackson's photos do look so lovely on the iPad also! I am going over to take some Christmas photos of him this weekend.
Hope you enjoy your day!
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Blissmade Designs said...

Love all your stamped cards! Especially the bird one!

Jan Castle said...

Great cards Holly! You deserve each and every one!!!!