Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mr. Jim meets Mr. Jackson

Well, I finally got Jim to go over to Huntsville to meet his new grandson! The first evening he was a little stand-off-ish and did not hold Jackson. I was a little worried but I did not push it. The next day he held him and by that evening, Jackson was sleeping on his chest! It did not take long for that little fellow to wrap Jim around his little finger!

I made Jim a book of photos and he says he has shown them to everyone he knows and is now approaching strangers so he will have an audience...LOL!

I bought Jackson four little Gator outfits even though it has not been that great of a year to be a Gator fan. I have to compete with all that maroon stuff they have in Alabama!
I love traditional clothing like this bubble suit and hat! I noticed there was a Strasbourg (sp?) shop at the outlet mall where I walk on Tuesdays....ohh, this could be dangerous!
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Marian said...

Holly - The pictures of Jim with the baby are precious!! I guess it's always good to have a Grandpa wrapped around your little finger.
:o) Marian

Jan Castle said...

As usual...great pictures! I bet I know where your money will be going...for 'Jackson outfits' to photograph - with Jackson wearing them of course!