Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kaleidoscope Collections New Mini Templates

They have done it again at Kaleidoscope Collections....they have come up with new mini templates that can keep me entertained for hours! At a recent quilt show, they released their new snowflakes and filigree templates. You plug in a photo and go to town! Just like a real kaleidoscope, each turn of the photo results in another beautiful design. Want to save your creations so you can compare them? Just back up and see the previous ones! This is so much fun!

Quilters print these on fabric and incorporate them into their quilt designs but paper crafters print them on paper and use them on layouts or cards! Warning: this can be very addictive!

These are all done from one photo. Obviously, you can pick up color to add to the background, or add a texture. So many cool things you can do with these!

These are all done in fall colors as the photo I used had fall colors, but imagine the snowflakes done in blues! Stay tuned and I will show you the photo I used for these creations.
But until then, be sure to check out Kaleidoscope Creations!
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