Friday, October 1, 2010

Photo tips in Canada

Hope you don't mind if we go back to Canada. I have so many photos from the Thelma & Louise trip that I have not even touched! Thought I would point out some tips.

Create a foreground. In the photo above, I could have stepped out a little closer to the edge and just had the water and mountains. I wanted to have the tree in the shot above and it's shadow on the ground. This builds layers in your photo. Plus, I just love pretty shadows!
We have talked about the rule of thirds. There is one time when I will cut a photo in half....when I have a perfect shadow. You can crop some of the sky out as this sky is uneventful, and then have thirds, but some of the photo on the left will be lost. The boats are on the right so you definitely want to keep that side. The water in the foreground does have interest. It is so clear you can see things down under the water.
The photo above is another layer photo but also a frame job. Notice how the tree and it's roots frame the scene and lead the eye. Wow, this place is just gorgeous!
The photo above shows repetition with all the aspen trunks, but also, "which one of these is not like the other?" with the one evergreen. Notice how I have it over to the side rather than in the center.

Here again, these are design techniques you can apply to your scrap booking and card making. You probably already do them and just never analyzed why.

Thanks for all the comments this week. I really wasn't whining about not having many comments...I am just always amazed at Jan's regularity in commenting. It was, however, GREAT hearing from you....even from a friend "down under"! That made my day!
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Peggy Maier said...

Such beautiful scenery, any you captured it perfectly! I've enjoyed all your photos, Holly.

Jan Castle said...

That's because you are such a good friend to all who pass your way!!!! Your pictures look like they should be on a calendar or a travel TV show...absolutely beautiful!!! Such a delight to read/see your blog each (almost) day - I look forward to it!!!!