Thursday, September 30, 2010

Get up and get moving!

Autumn is finally here and my walk yesterday around the neighborhood felt so good with the cooler air that I decided to go to the farm and walk there also. I had started the day with a trip to the gym, so this was my third exercise session before nine in the morning! It has been a hot summer here (luckily I was gone four weeks of it!) so I was more than ready for a change in the weather.

I took my camera and there were a lot of the gold and purple flowers blooming. Not too many leaves have changed much but you could tell fall was in the air. I thought back to the spring when the wild rose was blooming and the air was sweet with it's fragrance. There are still a few honeysuckle blooming but change is on it's way. It made me liken it to our lives. Youth is the spring of our lives, summer the busy times and fall we begin to slow down. Winter can be long and hard.

One way to make the latter years easier (any years for that matter...many of the biggest loser contestants are very young) is to take better care of ourselves.

The area in which I live has a large population of asian people. Usually when I walk at the farm that is all I see walking. On Wednesday, I noticed they were having an excercise session. I admire the self discipline of many people of asian heritage.
Many people have a lot of excuses for not taking better care of themselves...I don't have the money to join a gym or to go to Weight Watchers....or the time....or....

It can be really simple. Move more and eat more whole grains and fruits and vegtables.
These foods really do taste good and once you begin eating them more, you will automatically eat less processed foods. Moving more can begin with parking out further in the parking lot. Now that the weather is getting cooler, take a walk. Small changes will add up.

I still have a way to go and am almost to my one year anniversary of my journey to a better lifestyle but it has certainly improved my life. I have many things in other realms to work on but having one thing right does make all the other things easier to handle.

Not sure if it is the weather change or that impending birth that is making me wax poetic and making me think more (I do think more when I walk more...another advantage)....maybe it is seeing the pain in the faces of the contestants on Biggest Loser....anyway, think of small changes you can make and do it.....well, I am off to the gym!
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Allison said...

I guess I'm going to have to start keeping a box of tissues nearby when I read your blog :)
Love you!!

Laureen said...

I love your blog! Sometimes when my e-mails come through saying you have posted I have to wait and do two days at once but I always enjoy and learn from your posts. I have bugged you several times on your camera posts. I have learned a lot from those. I thank you for your words today they are so true we all need to think about what we are eating and doing or not doing to our bodies. Please keep up these wonderful posts.

Cindy said...

You are such an inspiration to me! I love your blogs! It is so hard to get moving and eat right, but when I do I do feel better. Can't wait to see those pictures of Jackson!

Joyce across the Pond said...

I so agree with all your thoughts...and yes, walking time is thinking time. 18 months ago I couldn't have walked 200 yards comfortably but a little more every day makes such a difference....I now walk a few miles comfortably and life is much better...the joints are not screaming at me - losing weight is so freeing...both physically and mentally. Keep up the good work!

Jan Castle said...

Thank you for the inspiration Holly...lovely here today...think I will take a walk (a little one, but a walk none the less)! Jan