Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I didn't expect the southern accent!

Well, I thought it was time to post an update to the things happening in my life. Of course, there was the trip to Chicago, as you know. Thought I would get one last parting shot. Notice how I used the chain railing as a frame for the skyline. The Monday night football game was played in Chicago and the city looked like a box of jewels from the air at night. Why am I watching football? I decided after two seasons of my family playing Fantasy Football, that if I wanted to be included in any conversations, I needed to play Fantasy Football as it seems that was what they were always talking about! My kicker missed Monday night and cost me my game! I have loved college football since getting married, so why not include professional football also?

I did not gain any weight on the scales after Chicago, but I have not been losing either, so I am going to pump up the exercise! I was inspired this week by the losses on Biggest Loser! Wow!

While watching Biggest Loser, I received an email from Jan Castle, my one blog reader that I can always count on leaving a comment. If it weren't for Jan, I would think my words and photos were just floating around in the cyber world, never to be viewed! Jan had decided to set up her own blog, called Jan's Joy. Jan is a great photographer and paper crafter. She is the one I have mentioned that takes all the ribbons for paper crafting at the fair in Oregon. She was not sure how people would access her blog, the URL being,

I called Jan on the phone and she later emailed me and said she did not expect the southern accent! I grew up in Jacksonville, FL and moved "north" to Atlanta in 1986. Jan grew up in Miami, but Miami really isn't the "south", just like Jacksonville is more South Georgia than Florida! Yes, I do have a southern accent.

Jan's first post is about caregivers of people with Alzheimer's. My father, one of the smartest, most talented and articulate men I knew, is suffering from Alzheimer's. I say "knew" as he is just a shell of the person he used to be. It is a very cruel disease and for all of you whose lives are touched by it, I feel your pain!

On a positive note, however, Jackson is due in less than a month. I will have Jim's laptop with me when I go for the birth, so hopefully I can rationalize adding Picasa to his laptop and posting some photos from his computer, as I have heard that being a grandparent changes everything! I have to have the laptop to do my job recruiting for know, the four week job that is not in it's eighth week...LOL! I can't seem to get my Mac to accept the Virtual Machine that I use for accessing their computers in NJ.

I hope all is well with each of you. Stop by Jan's blog and say hi!

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Marian said...

Holly - I'm out here reading your blog every single day, but I don't write comments often. I figure people would think I'm a plant because I gush so much over everything you make or do!! But, I'll tell everyone that you are not only a premier artist and a very smart cookie, but you are also a fabulous friend to have! And, you don't have an accent - you sound just like me!! LOL
Love ya much,
:o) Marian

Lisa said...

Hi Sis - I, like Marian, read your blog daily but seldom comment - I have lived in your shadow, artistically speaking, all my life so I am one of your biggest fans and appreciate your many talents! I do enjoy reading Jan's comments as well and look forward to her blog. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you at the cabin in a few weeks and can't wait to meet my great-nephew! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Holly, I love your blog and get it sent automatically through feedburner. This is my first ever comment, as I am usually a lurker/learner and I have learnt so very much from your blog. I love your photography and have followed your weight loss journey, you have done so very well with your weight loss...congratulations. I can not wait to see what beautiful photos you will post each time and I love hearing about your adventures as I live in Australia. I can still remember that huge bag a popcorn you showed us before your weight loss journey...nothing like that in Australia.
Keep up the great work.
Bye for now,
Rose Grasmeder.

Jan Castle said...

I'm overwhelmed! Darn that tear, sniff, where's a tissue!!! How very sweet of you to mention my new blog...guess I will be learning the ins and outs of blogging now - LOL! Your picture of the skyline is must eat, sleep, and do a LOT of walking to come up with such great photos...thanks for sharing Holly -you are a treasure. Ya'll come by and visit...ha, ha...couldn't resist! Jan Castle

JANLYNN said...

I too am guilty of viewing your blog daily , admireing all you do but seldom saying so. But you can't feel our admireing eyes via the web now can you. I too have a very southern accect being from Tennessee. I had to go to Baltimore for instrument training for work some years back and spent the entire week answering the question "Where Are YOU From?" I do read your posts daily but it is sometimes difficult to type a reply with a 6yo and 4yo grandsons claiming your lap.