Monday, October 4, 2010

A Seat with a View

One of the many things I like to "collect" in my photos are ones that include interesting chairs or benches, often for their own beauty or the beauty of the surroundings. I think they make great card fronts as the viewer imagines sitting there feeling the cool fresh air and smelling the sweet surroundings. Many Glacier Lodge can be seen across this lake in Glacier National Park.
These photos from Lake Louise make me think of my MIL (Louise) who I visited in the hospital this weekend. She might have to have exploratory surgery today. She is 78 and diabetic, so I hope all goes well with her. I actually took thought of her when I took these photos thinking they would make a great birthday card since the benches are overlooking Lake Louise.
This last bench was shot at Quigley Castle overlooking the garden near Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This stop was one of those unplanned events that turned out to be very interesting.

The events of this month are beginning to breath down my neck. It will be a very busy month. I am beginning to feel like I am being pulled in many different directions and have oh so much to do! I even dreamed last night that my manager in my "job" gave me a lethal, that is getting pretty bad!!! I said, Oh no, not before I even see my grandchild! Yeah, I think a walk at the farm is a good idea this morning....I have already had my early visit to the gym. I think I need to imagine I am sitting on one of those benches.

Hope you have a great, stress free week. Personally, I am staying away from all needles!

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Jan Castle said...

Beautiful Holly...the pictures and you! Prayers that all goes well for Louise. The benches are great...I can take myself on an little mind trip sitting on one of those benches.

Holly's Hobbies said...

Thanks, Jan. She did end up having to have surgery last night. She had developed adhesions from a surgery she had about a month ago. We appreciate your prayers!

JANLYNN said...

I too like benches. My favorite this year was at a private home that I went on a garden tour of. The back was in the shape of a butterfly with outstreched wings. Hope you mother in law is doing well and will soon be on the road to recovery

Holly's Hobbies said...

Yes, I have seen the butterfly bench. I think they have them at Callaway Gardens in the butterfly house and they even had one outside the hospital that my MIL is in. I am always amazed at little coincidences like that and wonder how many of them we seeing the bench at the hospital and then you mentioning it.