Monday, September 20, 2010

Eating our way through Chicago

I did A LOT of walking while in Chicago, but I am not sure if I walked enough to make up for the extra calories I ate! We will see at my weigh in on Tuesday!

My favorite meal was da pork chop I had at Mike Ditka's place near the Hancock building! A grilled pork chop (about two inches thick!), sweet potatoes with a cherry about delicious! I also had spinach and mushrooms. This is one of those meals that you think about long after it is gone! Loved all the sports memorabilia on the walls at Ditkas as well as Harry Carey's where we ate Sunday night.

I thought this seafood bouquet we had at Smith & Wollensky's was very pretty but very pricey also! I had chicken there while Jim had a fantastic steak.
Monday, a friend my husband had worked with previously picked us up and we went to her favorite greek restaurant. I had never had greek food, so I got a combination plate to try different things. The lamb was my favorite and I really liked a spread for bread they made with greek yogurt, onions, garlic and cucumber.
What is a trip to Chicago without some pizza? We actually ordered thin crust and when I asked a couple at a neighboring table if I could photograph their deep dish, they gave me a piece to share with Jim and then another piece they had left. Come to find out, the thin crust has so much cheese on it, that you really aren't saving any calories. Oh well, how often to I make it up to Chicago? It really was worth the calories.

I think the foods we try when traveling are as much of the memories as the sights we see, so I always have a point and shoot in my purse to snap a photo. Makes my mouth water to look at these! Did not have a Chicago hot dog this trip, but I did have samples of other foods at the Market that was being held in Daley Plaza on Thursday.
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Jan Castle said...

YUM! Did you save me a piece of that pizza...oh well, I'll get over it sometime! Let's see, maybe I'll have some pizza for lunch today...ummmm, yes - that will take care of seeing those yummy pictures! You enabler you!!!!