Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chicago is my kind of town!

My husband's first job was with Borg Warner and when he would go off to Chicago I would be jealous. Then I began doing CHA summer shows, so I was able to go on my own. This time the trip was with his business but we went a couple of days early so we had some time to see things together. A couple of years ago when I was there for CHA, I took a couple of my friends into the city as I told them that it would just be a shame to be in Rosemont, that close to Chicago and not go see it. Guess you can call me a Chicago tour guide, huh? So, we are going to take a little break from the watercolor and look at some sites from Chicago. I have to finish up those cards first anyway.

I did not post on the trip as I thought I would be in trouble for downloading the photos on my husbands new laptop since I took about 1300 photos...hey, that is less than 200 a day!

I love cities on the water with lots to see within walking distance or with a good subway system. I think Chicago is my number one favorite, followed by Washington DC, San Francisco, New York and Boston. Abroad, I loved Paris and in a category all alone, Venice.

There is just so much to see and do in Chicago. In a weeks time I fit a lot in! I wished I had known Monday night when I was in Greek Town that Oprah's studio was nearby. I also regret not going to the zoo. I was too tired to go into the Art Institute for the free admission on Thursday, but I did that the last time I was there.

I did take a boat ride from Navy Pier. I did the architectural tour with Seadog, which I thought was great! We sped out towards the beautiful lighthouse and then went through the locks (the lake is higher than the river) into the city and then sped around the Navy Pier point. We had a lot of beautiful weather with only a couple of days that had some rain.
On one of my trips, the Cloud Gate (usually called the Bean) was new and it is something that is always fun to visit. Below are some visitors having a fun time posing in the mirror bean shaped sculpture.
You know I love high places, so I had to go back up to the Sky Deck at the Willis Tower (which will always be the Sears Tower to me!). They have these cool new ledges that are completely glass and they allow you to hang out over the edge of the building. Fun, fun!

I decided that I could not allow an opportunity to pass to go back up into the Hancock building ("The John"), so I went there also! I have many photos to share and I will work in some photography lessons too!
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