Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spell it out!

I have written before about looking for letters in your subjects while photographing places. Here are a couple of examples in case I wanted to spell out "Chicago". The light post could be an "h" and the medallion (Chicago Cultural Center) an "o". I found a lot of possibilities for o's. The whole light post could be an "i". Chicago has so many architectural elements that you are sure to find lots of interesting shapes and designs if you just look.

There are also many icons to be had such as the Chicago Theatre sign. Forget spelling the letters out....just use the sign already with it spelled out! There are also cool signs at the visitor signs that can work as an introductory photo for a photo album or book created on line.
Some letters are harder to find than others, so it is fine to use letters from an icon, like the "G" from WGN, the famous Chicago station! I saw things on this trip that I had never seen before like the very cool aspect of the Tribune Tower, where they have rocks and pieces from famous buildings and locations from all over the world embedded in the stones of the tower with the item description engraved next to it. I also had never spent much time on the river walk, or ridden a boat or the Ferris wheel....so much to share!
Signing off the air, reminding you to always keep your eyes pealed for a perfect photo op!
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Jan Castle said...

WOW...that's a new idea for me! Thanks Holly...will be on the lookout!
Jan Castle