Sunday, August 22, 2010

Scrapbooking Design & You

I thought I would give you an update on what I have been doing since I returned from my world win trip! I am not sure if you have seen the logo above or not, but hopefully you have. "SDU" stands for Scrap booking Design & You. Some of you might know that I do design work for EKSuccess and contribute to the Spotted Canary Website. I am also a certified SDU Instructor.

SDU is an eight hour class, usually taught in four, two hour segments. The training to teach the class is given online. In addition to independent Scrapbook stores, this course is taught at Joann's, ACMoore stores and now at Michaels. For quite a while, Michaels had stopped having scrapbook classes but now they are having SDU Classes.

Perhaps you think, but I don't scrapbook! I like to think of this as more of an elements of design class. Yes, we do go over options for scrapbooks, sizes, etc., but it is much more than that. It delves into color theory, placement on the page, embellishments, etc. Many of the design elements that are taught apply to card making also.

So, even if you have never scrapped, I think you might enjoy this class. Hey, it is fun just to get together with paper crafters anyway, right? I still think back to the lessons I learned in SDU when I am doing a layout and cards. I sometimes get caught up in photography, and I want to use all these photos, and they begin competing with each other. Just this past week I had to do a layout over as I allowed the photos to take over rather than having one that was the center of interest or focal point. Yes, having a focal point is a pretty basic tenet of design, but like I said, sometimes you just lose control! I have scrap booked since 1990, before scrap booking was cool! Our county's PTA had a contest for scrapbooks from each of the schools. I had a great time doing them, but I never dreamed scrap booking would become the rage that it became!

The price is right also. The retail price is only $45 for eight hours of instruction! Some of the stores also have coupons that you can use on the tuition.

Why all this talk about SDU? Well, I have been working many hours in the past two weeks getting instructors matched up with Michaels stores. If you love to scrapbook or paper craft and live near a Michaels and would like to teach, let me know! If you have no desire to teach but would like to look into the class, check it out at your closest craft store that has SDU. It is a very good basics class from which I know you will get more than your money's worth!

I only talk about things that I really believe in and SDU is one of those things!
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Becky Spinks said...

Holly, I think I would be interested in this...I have been teaching cardmaking classes at my LSS for the past 2-1/2 years but it is just basic card ideas.

Jan Castle said...

Well how about that!!! I might be interested Holly, and there is a Michael's here in Salem...of course, I realize that I would have to take the class first - how do I go about that??? Unless of course the Michaels at Keizer Station in Salem, OR already has an instructor????
Jan Castle