Thursday, August 26, 2010

Recycled Halloween Party Fun!

I am starting to feel just a little change in the weather, so I think it is time for some Halloween items to get us in the mood! I think Halloween is a fun holiday and I have made some items here to share with you.

On the Spotted Canary website, they are having a contest on items using recycled things. Each of these items uses something I am recycling or using scrap paper or rescuing from a thrift store.

Up above is a coffee filter book. Now, if I had a coffee maker that used cone type filters, I would have used filters after they had filtered the coffee! These coffee filters are tough cookies, and you could easily rinse them out, allow them to dry and use them as pages in your book. For the cover, I used chipboard that I recycled, spray painted it black and then used a tab off of an aluminum drink can as extra support where I put my holes for my binder rings. the stickers are all Sticko and the Happy Halloween is from the Spooktacular line from K & Company. You are going to see lots of Spooktacular in this post.....I love that new line from K & Company!
Above is a party noise maker. I love the little cheese wedges from Laughing Cow that come in the little round containers! They are only 35 calories each! I cut a hole so I could put a dowel in the edge of the round box, added some pennies, taped it up, sprayed it black and then decorated it got it, Spooktacular! It looks like a big lollipop!
Staying with the coffee theme, my neighbors must drink a lot of coffee as about every other week in their recycle bin are these great coffee cans! What difference does it make who recycles it....they are still being recycled, right? They are great for storing craft items in them, but here I have made great Halloween containers for that candy for the trick or treaters! If you want to do a trick or treat can for the trick or treaters to carry around, the paint cans like you buy at the DIY stores make great ones. I actually have one spray painted black and ready to decorate. Jackson is due on October 28th, so he just might need a trick or treat container! LOL! Won't that be Spooktacular?

On this can, I spray painted it black and then I cut borders using those great EK Success border punches! The glitter pumpkins I have around the can comes from 12 by 12 sheets from K & Company's Spooktacular line as does the decoration on the lid and can.
I did one more can, using a checkered wallpaper I found at the thrift store. More paper and embellishments from the Spooktacular line and we have room for LOTS of candy! (If only I could have some!) I also used some scrap paper to make a sour cream container to put candy corn in....from the Spooktacular you think you have that now? really is!
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Cindy said...

I love these! Thanks for posting them!!

Jan Castle said...

You clever girl!!! Nicely done!
So, Jackson is due on my about that! LOL
Jan Castle