Friday, August 20, 2010

Quigley Castle, 2

Today we visit the gardens....with 400 varieties of perennials, fourteen bottle trees, various structures built of rock and so many butterflies you could not count them, this was a gardener and photographer's haven! I even saw a hummingbird moth, something I had never seen before. Joyce knew what it was as she had seen one before. I snapped photos, but unfortunately my camera setting have been switched over to the wrong one, so the photos did not turn out good.

Above is a shot of the surface of the outside of the "castle"....notice the marbles in the grout. She liked to quilt (as is evidenced in the bedrooms I showed you yesterday), but often her fingers were so rough from working with the grout that they would snag the fabric! She also had many shells and fossils. Inside she had a large collection of arrowheads as well as many other collections....a lady after my own heart!
Above is an example of a structure she built. Some were very large like benches and tables.

Yes, Jan "Castle", you would enjoy this castle! And yes, I am going to make it to the Northwest to see you sometime. That is what my frequent flyer miles are reserved for....we are planning a trip next year to Hawaii for our 35th anniversary and my husband asked how many miles I had....I thought, hmmmm, I think we are using your miles! LOL! I didn't say it as I am walking on a tightrope after being gone for three weeks this summer, but I thought it!
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Jan Castle said...

I'll understand...sob, sob...if you have to use those miles for your anniversary as we are saving ours to visit family in Floida! Guess we will just have to be satisfied with pictures. I can't thank you enough for sharing yours...I always feel like I just took a mini vacation...thanks Holly!
Jan Castle