Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spotted Canary Challenge

Okay, no need to send out the dogs....I survived the trip! A week on Amelia Island, a week at Destin, Florida and then a drive across the country and up into Canada and three weeks in the Rockies.

I tried to post on my blog after St. Louis, but I could never get my photos to download....grrrr! I don't handle computer problems very well! Especially when not fully rested! Then my laptop became full with photos and I could not even download my photos from the compact flash to the laptop! I did post a lot of photos on Facebook and hope to post some here eventually. We did see a lot of BEAUTIFUL sights!
My desktop is both OLD and, I do have a lot of deleting to do!

In the meantime, I have work to do! I have a load of projects to do for EK Success and am also hosting the August Challenge on Spotted Canary. Above is my entry for the July Challenge which was based on a sketch challenge. Each month, a winner is chosen randomly and they get $100 worth of free product. You can see how easy the sketch is for this month, so go enter by Saturday! If I have time, I know you do too! Then come back in August and enter my color challenge!

Speaking of color, we have a nursery to do! Now that the trip is behind me, I can concentrate on this little fellow that is expected in late October. Above are the colors Jessica is using in the nursery (not literally all of know, blues and greens with some brown) with a theme of owls. She found some really cute fabric with owls on it and I just did paintings of the owls for the wall. I will post those later.
I loved owls when I was a teenager and even decorated my college dorm room with owl posters (how dorky is that?...oh well, it was the 70's!). So I am all excited about the owls. I am also fixing up the little clothes hamper that I used in the nursery when Jason was born. I will share the projects as they materialize!

Above is a little felted fellow I made. I think needle felting is great fun...his tummy is brown, not olive green as it appears in the photo.

Anyway, be patient with me about the trip photos. A three week trip can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you take as many photos as I do. If you want to see photos feel free to become my friend on Facebook (Holly Lammons Craft) and I have several albums there.

Hope you are having a great summer!
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Allison said...

It's about time we get a post!!

Glenda said...

Well Miss Holly, I was beginning to think you had gone off on a whirlwind tour and was never gonna come back! So glad you had a wonderful time and are back safe and sound! Love to see some pictures! Your card is just lovely!

Lisa said...

Dittos to Al's comment- how do you expect me to start my day without checking your blog? I am pretty tired of looking at the arch, as lovely as it is! Welcome back!

Jan Castle said...

Sooooooooooooo happy to be getting your posts again!!! Darling little owl.
Jan Castle

Susie said...

Hi Holly,

My great niece loves Owls and this is a cutie!

Also, thank you for visiting my Summerwalk FB page and becoming a follower. I feel vindicated on the ovals now *laughing*