Thursday, July 29, 2010

Edmonton, Alberta Canada

The farthermost place we visited on our trip was Edmonton. I thought I would share some shots I took in that area. We visited a living history museum (the largest in Canada), which depicted in period buildings as well as people acting the period out, four different periods in the history of Edmonton. The first of the periods was set when Edmonton was just a fort where fur trading occurred. Thus the name of the park is Fort Edmonton Park. Fur trading was the major reason the area became populated by people other than the native people that had lived there for generations. Today, our impression of Edmonton was that it was a very industrial area which included oil refineries.

One of the time periods included a garden where the peonies were beautiful. They were some of the most loaded plants and biggest blooms I had ever seen!

Another interesting plant we noticed in the area was the canola that grew in fields that were so yellow, it looked like someone had spilled paint across the field. The oil from the canola seeds is what is used to produce Canola Oil.
We also visited West Edmonton Mall, which was huge! In addition to a full water park, an amusement park, more water attractions, a huge ice skating rink, the mall had hundreds of stores and eating establishments.
One of the wings of the mall was called Europa and the stores had beautiful fronts. Last year, I was wowed by the Mall of America, but I think this one certainly rivals it!
Still having issues with both of my computers....hope you enjoy these few photos I was able to post.
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Love the pictures...thanks Holly...look foward to more!
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