Friday, July 30, 2010

Jasper Tramway

One of my favorite experiences on the trip was the afternoon we rode the Jasper Tramway. Jasper National Park is the largest national park in Canada. On this particular day, we had taken a boat trip to Spirit Island and then took a ride up the tramway. Once you reach the top of the tramway, there is still a climb to the summit. It had been a fairly warm day but when we stepped off the tram, it was cold and windy! I have my hat pulled on tightly as the wind is really whipping. This summit is at an altitude of over 8,000 feet. I was wondering why in the world I did not have my jacket with me! There is fresh snow on portions of the summit, but I chose not to trudge through the snow!

There were several hikes that I wanted to take on the trip that I did not get to take, but I had decided that I was going to this summit. I wasn't asking or telling Joyce....I was getting off the tram and going for it! One of the fascinating things on the top of the mountain were the flowers on the ground cover that managed to grow under such adverse conditions. Jason actually called me while I was on top of the mountain and he could hardly hear me as the wind was so brisk.

I have a photo frame that looks like a license tag that says "GO 4 IT!"....I am printing a copy of the photo at the top of the mountain to place in that frame.

Above is a shot of the town of Jasper from the Tramway landing. Below is the walk to the summit....kind of other worldly, don't you think? See the little figures of people as they are climbing?
The next morning as I was photographing the sunrise, I looked at the top of this particular mountain and thought, I was there!
Of course, my hubby told me I am on suspension from traveling, for a Looooonnnnnggggg time, so other than running up to the cabin and a trip over to Jason's to take some stuff for the nursery, guess I will be staying close to home. At least I have lots of photos to share!
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Jan Castle said...

Photos are soooooooo wonderful!!! You did good! I'm sure the excercise was a test of your endurance - but you did it!!! Looking forward to more pics.

Rubys Inn Bryce can said...

Wondrous place, this is the place that I want to climb if there is a chance.

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