Wednesday, June 16, 2010

St. Augustine Lighthouse

Our first stop on Saturday was the St. Augustine Lighthouse. I posted an album on Face book of many of the photos I took, so if you are interested, you can see many more photos there.

I have always loved this lighthouse. It was restored in the last few years and opened for visitors. I found my way to a lighthouse in Fernandina, but it was all locked up, under the control of the Coast Guard, so I had to see it from afar.

I love spiral staircases. This lighthouse has 219 steps and there was a fellow there that had been up it and down it ten times already that that will get your cardio going! I have more cool shots of it....this one is from the bottom looking up.
Above is the view of downtown from the lighthouse. The terracotta roofed buildings are Flagler College and Lightner Museum. The Bridge of Lions is being redone and you can see the cranes. To the right of those is the location of the Fort.

We did stop at Claire's but I didn't think to take any photos. She had the same monotone dry sense of humor. When my sister and I started laughing about something, she told us there would be an additional charge if we started having a good entertainment tax. We had not been there for the last three years so she had to retrieve our little index card that she uses to keep track of purchases from her older file. You earn $6 off a stamp when your purchases reach a certain amount. For those of you that have been to Claire's, you know what I am talking about! If you haven't been to Claire's and make a trip to St. Augustine, you must stop by. A few years back, she shared the shop with her husband and the balancing act of her shelves was a sight to see in itself! LOL!

More photos to share of St. Augustine, but like I said, I have many on FB (Holly Lammons Craft). We traveled to SanDestin, Fl on Monday, getting there before the oil spill.
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