Thursday, June 17, 2010

White sands of the gulf

As I mentioned earlier, the sand and water is much different in the gulf compared to the Atlantic. Here at Destin, the oil has not reached the shore. Above, however, you can see equipment building a berm, getting ready to protect the beach from oil. Below, a camera crew was filming. This morning when I walked, a large CNN truck was parked at my hotel parking lot.

As you can see, the water and sand is just as pretty as always. There is a little green in the sand at the shoreline from "June Grass", something that happens every year.

We did notice that BP had a claims location here on Hwy 98. There seems to be plenty of people here at Sandestin, but there are conventions here, which is the reason we are here.
I am not sure how far off the shore the oil is currently. They did have the floating barriers on the water when we came across the bay bridge.

Counting down less than a week for the Thelma and Louise trip now....
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