Thursday, June 3, 2010


Dollywood is a theme park in Pigeon Forge, TN. We took my parents there on Thursday of Memorial Day weekend. It is a great drive through the Smokies from the cabin to Pigeon Forge and is a nice day trip.

We mainly enjoyed the music shows, but also took a ride on a very rough roller coaster. I love roller coasters, but this one did throw you around a bit much! I like the smooth track ones that do loops.
The park has some beautiful scenery and flowers. We enjoyed taking a tour of Dolly's tour bus that she used to travel on before she bought a new one. Too bad Joyce and I don't have it for our Thelma and Louise trip!

I enjoyed watching the baby ducks while we had lunch. They also have a big collection of bald eagles at Dollywood. It is the most I have seen in one location. I saw a lot in Alaska, but not this many!

On Saturday, we took a trip over to an outlet mall in Dawsonville, GA and on the way home, I saw a bald eagle in it's nest on top of the bridge going over a finger of Lake Lanier on highway 53, heading into Gainesville. I have NEVER seen a bald eagle here in the southeast out in the wild! Of course, I did not have the "big gun" as my husband calls my big camera and Allison was driving and she is like her Dad when it comes to pull off the road shots! I saw several shots that I need to go back and get!
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Joyce across the Pond said...

Great photos and brought me great memories of the Smokies....what a wonderful place this area would hardly believe that we walked past Dollywood - not having a clue what it was - since we learned what it was we regret not having investigated at the could? you I hear you say, indeed how could we...but we were stuck for time and that was probably why we didn't investigate.