Friday, June 4, 2010

More scenes from Dollywood

As I said before, the flowers and scenery is just lovely here. The weather was pleasant even if a little warm. They provide free ice water at each place that sells Coca Cola products, which I thought was great. I also tried out my new frog skin bandanna thingy that you wet and then it keeps your neck cool. It is not really made of frog skin, of course, but it worked very well.

You might think that all the music there is country or bluegrass, but not true. Two of our favorite shows was actually 50's music and southern gospel. There was a bluegrass show that we also really enjoyed.

We had tickets for Saturday where we could have taken Craig and Allison (with our yearly pass) and we joked we would take them....Craig would never go to Dollywood! My philosophy is never say never....I will try anything (well, most anything) once! LOL!
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Girl, you are stompin around in my neck of the woods! I live in Morristown, actually Talbott, Tn. You can see the Smokey Mountains from our back deck! I love to see all your pictures, you are so very talented! Glad to see you go all over the place! You must roam around a lot!

nise said...

Thanks for dragging me along again. More gorgeous pictures from your travels. I was especially pleased to see the one of you with your Mr. You look FANTASTIC!!!