Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Walk in the Woods

The first waterfall we went to was Anna Ruby Falls, just north of Helen. Helen is a tourist town, done with a bavarian flair. In October, they have a big Octoberfest. It is an interesting looking town, though it has been years since I walked it's streets and shopped in the gift shops.

I always loved this walk to the falls and it brings back many memories. I remember Jason being about eight years old during the time we visited it often, and now he is about to turn 28 and is expecting his own little one!

The tree above always made me think of the phrase, "Grow where you are planted". It is always interesting to see the strange locations some plants grow and thrive in!
Walking along a stream is always a good place to look for wildflowers and spring is a great time for them! The minature iris is one of my favorites, as are violets. These both grow at the cabin and usually bloom around Mother's Day or a little sooner.

The bee on this shot is shaded so he doesn't show up as well as he would in the sun. Shots like this sometimes turn out better when you use manual focus so that you can focus on exactly what you want.
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Jan Castle said...

Great shots Holly...we did not make it to the falls when we were there...sad, sad as I hear the area is wonderful!!!