Saturday, May 1, 2010

Church building in springtime

We passed by this church building with the azaleas in full bloom. I had to turn around and take some shots of it. I love the shades of green in the budding trees in the spring and the azaleas seem especially vibrant this year.
Now, I could have taken just the shot from the car, but as I have told you, one of your best tools are your legs. Walk around and get different perspectives. I really like the one from the porch through the arch. Can't you just see a bride standing there?

We also visited two waterfalls on this day, so more to come!

(Not sure why the original photos did not show up, but I have added them now. Sorry about that!)


Wendybell said...

Ohmygosh!! I am sooo jealous that you have been ANYwhere that looks THAT springy, my friend (it has been rainy/snowy and gray here for DAYS!!)!! I miss ya!! I will try to call sometime this week so we can do some much-needed catching up!!

Jan Castle said...

Love the church view!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing!