Friday, April 30, 2010

Old Sautee Store

Well, after four days on a jury, I escaped to the mountains. My sister came by and picked me up on the way to the cabin. On Friday, we drove over to an area of the mountains that I have not been to in a long time. When I first moved to the Atlanta area 24 years ago, when I went to the mountains, I would go go Helen, GA. I have many memories from that area. It was years later that I discovered the 441 route up to the Northeast Ga mountains, where the cabin is located.

The Old Sautee Store is an old general store that was built in 1873. The front of the store still has all the old stuff and then new things are located in the rear portion of the store. I found a Life is Good shirt that says "Get out".....they also had one that said "Log Off"....something you probably thought I had done, since I have not posted since jury duty began.
Here are some scenes from the front portion of the store. I was using natural light as flash would just ruin these photos. Since I was catching a ride with my sister, I only had my little Powershot, so I borrowed her Rebel to take these photos. From now on, the big camera goes with me, even if I have to hold it in my lap! I appreciate Lisa letting me borrow her camera.

What a simpler time these were from. The jury duty was a very sad thing to me.....a 22 year old basically threw his life away with a very foolish act. It makes you stop and think how precious life is and wonder how some people take it so lightly. I did meet some very nice people that I served with and that was encouraging.

Hope you are having a wonderful spring!
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Jan Castle said...

I've been there!!!! What a wonderful stroll through a bygone time! When I lived in NY I attended a little church in Central Islip...My pastor (Bob Williamson) retired and moved to GA and worked at Old Sautee Store part time...he loved it! We surprised him when traveling and showed up at the Old Sautee Store...what a treat!!!! He still lives in GA. Thanks for the jog of my memory Holly!!! Small world!

Nise said...

Oh how I've missed popping by and traveling with you, Holly! Your photos are so pretty. I am thinking that maybe I will start saving my pennies for a trip to Biltmore one of these years. The more you share, the more I love it.
Thank you!!