Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fill up the Viewfinder!

Photos will have more impact if you fill up the viewfinder. You can do this when you take the shot or when you crop. If also helps when taking flowers that are low to the ground to get down on their level. This is where the gardening pad or stool comes in handy.
This is true of portraits too. I took this of my Mom with her new floppy brim hat. The hat and her smile are the focal point so I don't need her legs in the photo. (though she does have great legs - something I did not inherit.....and she doesn't look 77 years of age!) Always check to make sure flowers or something else aren't growing out of the subject's head! I did want the color of the flowers in the photo of my Mom, but I would not want the flowers to be right on top of her head!
Closeups of flowers are great up and personal and notice below, how I filled the photo with the conservatory building.
I used this building as a background in many of my photos, but here it is front and center!
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JANLYNN said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos and tips. You are getting me even more excited about my trip in June.

Jan Castle said...

Interesting building Holly...and WOW does your Mom every look great!!! Lovely orchid and Lovely Lady.