Monday, April 19, 2010

Photo tips from the Biltmore

We learn from repetition, so some of these tips might be something I have already pointed out, but with new photos. First, framing photos....the bridge in the photo above has been framed by the two trees and their limbs. This brick bridge is pictured in the old photos of the construction of the Biltmore Estate that are on display in the Halloween room. The bridge is in wonderful condition for it's age!
One of the symbols of the Biltmore is the lion (along with the "V" initial for the Vanderbilt name and the Fleur Di Li's). This lion (one of two at the front door) shows up much better because of the contrast of the dark opening. It is also framed by the front opening. This place has so many details! Even simple doors in the house are made special with carvings. All the stonework on the exterior of the house was done there on site on the actual building. There are many angles from which you could photograph the lions, but this framing and contrast of dark and light shows it off!
Above is the front gate through which you drive as you enter the property. Here again, there are many angles from which you could photograph this structure, but I made sure I had tulips in the foreground and had the opening in the gate visible. The diagonal lines of the road and sidewalk also shows movement and the car in the gate shows size.
I wish I had a dollar for every photo I have taken through these oval lattice openings in the walled garden! They definitely create a wonderful frame. I even took some of one oval opening through another oval opening.

I have jury duty this week, so not sure what the week will bring!
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Jan Castle said...

Again, great pictures Holly! I always feel like I have been on a mini-vacation!!! Thanks so much!