Friday, April 16, 2010

Wonderful Wisteria!

I was very surprised that the wisteria had begun blooming on the veranda. There are also at least two wisteria bushes in the wall garden, but they were not opened up yet.

I love to compare/contrast nature and architecture as in the photo above. Both subjects in this photos are so very elegant. Also, notice in the reflection of the window, you can see the mountains. Just lovely!
Above, I used the color of the wisteria as a background. It spices up this closeup of the cherub.
Above, the wisteria is used as a border for the view of the mountains. I also love the colors of trees just budding out in the spring. Sometimes I think it is almost as lovely as the colors of fall. Just depends what season you ask me! Then there are all the lovely flowering trees....I think it is a tie. But I do love the naked trees of winter too! Guess that only leaves summer, and then we have hydrangeas, so life is good!
Above is another shot with nature/architecture contrasted. I also love the look of the shadows against the building. Speaking of shadows, another great piece of apparel to include in your items to have is a nice hat. I like one with a floppy brim that does not obstruct the camera when you are taking a portrait style photo, with your camera turned vertically. I also like one with a neck string so that if the wind is blowing it will not blow off. Mine is made of Gortex so all that Alaska rain rolled right off. My mother actually purchased a hat while she was at Biltmore this time to wear for protection from the sun.

Getting the big picture of the whole vine is good, but it is also sometimes to get in close and look at the details. I confess that I did sneak a photo from inside the house, looking down on to the wisteria, but can't find it now....I will share it later. Guess that is what I get for breaking the rules!
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Joyce across the Pond said...

Wisteria...we are not seeing that over here will have to warm up considerably...oh I just love it....and painting it....well, something like it anyhow. Thanks for the beautiful photos....I just love the way you 'frame' them with foliage.
Joyce in Northern Ireland