Monday, May 3, 2010

Anna Ruby Falls

I had forgotten the size of Anna Ruby Falls. There is actually three areas of white water. The photo above is on the right side, with the photo below, showing all three areas. I played with different speeds to achieve the blurred version of the water.
There is a large platform that you can walk out on in the photo above.
Above is a shot of the stream after the waterfalls with all the spring green colors.
Above is the left side of the falls, with two cascades. I will definitely have to visit this falls again in the autumn!
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Peggy Maier said...

Your photos have been breathtaking lately. Sorry I haven't commented more, but I just wanted you to know how much I love your posts & all the gorgeous scenery! (esp. the waterfalls!)

Jan Castle said...

Thanks again Holly fo the beautiful photos!