Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wisteria "tree"

Near Helen, we passed this tree that had been taken over by a wisteria vine. There is an oak tree underneath, but it has been dead for a while and the vine is using it for support.

We next went to Dahlonega, GA. It is a wonderful little town where the first "gold rush" occured. They still have panning for gold there.

I am always a sucker for butterflies and bees like this one that landed on the native azalea.
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Joyce across the Pond said...

Oh my goodness....I simply adore Wisteria....you'd think you were in England where there seems to be a lot more of it than in N.Ireland....the only place I know has a lot is our Government House where it cover the walls and is a sight to behold when it is in bloom....thanks for posting this photo - it is simply beautiful...and can we ever imagine what it would be like if the good Lord didn't send us these wonderful creations to feast our eyes on.

Jan Castle said...

Lovely Wisteria...so wistful!