Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vines Gardens

In my quest to visit parks in the area, I visited Vines Gardens. Gwinnett County purchased the gardens to use as a park, though the mansion still remains privately owned. Special events, weddings, corporate outings are held at the mansion, but the gardens are open to the public.
Above is the rose garden and below, the Asian garden.

There is a rather large pond with bridges and gazebos, thought only the bridge above was open to the public.
This would be a great place to take bridal portraits. The azaleas and rhodies had bloomed out but the peonies were beautiful as were the iris along the bank.
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LorraineB said...

Wow. That's a beautiful park.

Jan Castle said...

Thanks for the stroll through the park...visited 'The Merri Artist' today and mentioned your name...they say Hi!

JANLYNN said...

So peaceful and restful viewing these pictures. Just what I needed as just got home from work.