Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pull Off the Road Shots

I have shared some of my "pull off the road" shots with you before. Here are a couple that I saw in my recent exploring trip! This barn was worth turning around! I love barns, old vehicles and I am always a sucker for the American flag!
These were edited on Picasa. I love to isolate the color of one area and have the rest B & W, like the flag shot above.
Not being able to pull off the road will be one of the hardest things on the trip Joyce and I will be taking this summer. Of course, I am used to it as my husband is the world's worst about getting him to stop! Joyce and I would stop, but then we might never make it home!
I love old church buildings too....throw in an American flag, and you can't go wrong!
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Jan Castle said...

I love this old barn; definitely an awardwinner!!!! What a treat...thank you Holly!

Sandy in FL said...

Beautiful pic of the old barn. I would love to know where it was. I will be in Georgia in the fall. Maybe I could find this old barn.