Monday, May 17, 2010

Berry Pickin' Time!

While I was out exploring, I decided that since I was in the area of Washington Farms, I might as well find them and get some strawberries! I have always wanted to go there, but it is one of those things I just never have done!

I love my iPhone for finding places when I am out and about....I just look up the address on Safari and then put the address in my Map quest app and then I am on my way!
We have had plenty of rain and the berries are so sweet and juicy! This farm also has pumpkins, so in the fall, I will have to check them out. I think I will be making another berry run before they go out of season!
Just as with beautiful flowers, I have to photograph beautiful produce also!
I stopped and picked up some low fat buttermilk.....I love to make a shake in the blender with a cup of frozen berries, a cup of buttermilk and some sweetener. I have never been one to drink buttermilk, but I LOVE this shake! I learned about this recipe years ago when I was on Weight Watchers. By the way, I less than a pound from hitting my halfway mark....60 lbs. lost! I will have Joyce take some photos so I can show you a "before" and a "half way" shot!
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Glenda said...

Such beautiful pictures! I cannot believe your new picture of yourself here on your blog! You have done so well with your weight loss!! You Go Girl!!

Anonymous said...

I love that last one. The white against that red and the rustic box makes such a pretty shot.

And congrats on the weight loss!!! :)

LorraineB said...

Those strawberries look so good! I like to put them over the mini spongecake with fat free Cool Whip. Also a WW tip. Also, 2 squares of chocolate graham crackers (Nabisco makes them) with fat free Cool Whip in the middle and frozen. 1 Point and a good snack to keep you away from fattening goodies. Congratulations on your weight loss. Not easy but sooo worthwhile. Next summer you'll be strutting down the beach in a bikini!!

Joyce across the Pond said...

I wish I was the 'Joyce' travelling with you - and yes, my DH is not that fond of stopping when I say please stop! Lovely photos as usual.