Sunday, May 16, 2010

Freeman's Mill Park 2

The ribbon cutting ceremony for this park was held May 8th, so it is very new. The playground looks like great fun! Why didn't they have things like this when I was a kid?
There is even going to be a wading pond fed by a fountain or at least that is what it looked like it is going to fun is that?
The walking track is not very long, but long enough if you keep circling around! The surface is a great bouncy one! I loved this sign....I didn't consider it to be THAT steep....maybe it is a liability thing!
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Laureen said...

Holly I love your new photo, you are looking great! I lost 40lbs and am keeping it off so far. I am sticking with my new way of eating and even find myself craving good things instead of things not so good for me. Please continue with your pictures I love the inspiration they give me in taking photos. Though, I wouldn't mind some of your card inspiration also.
Thanks, Laureen

Janet Castle said...

Keep up the good work Holly!!!