Saturday, May 15, 2010

Freeman's Mill Park

Gwinnett County's newest park features a very old facility....this old mill. It is located in Lawrenceville on Alcovy Road. Whereas McDaniel Farm makes you feel like you are in the country but you really aren't, this one IS in the country!

The wheel is one of the largest I have seen. I like to photograph informative signs so I have the information when I return home.

Above is the front of the mill, with the river behind it. The road is on the left in the photo. I like to place flowers in my foreground when possible. They add so much color!
The information sign has a photo of the dam before it was partially destroyed by a flood. This area was also flooded back in September when Atlanta had several areas flooded. I believe I read in the paper that if the county had not been in the process of restoring the mill, it probably would have been destroyed last September. There are many trees that were uprooted in that flood lying along the edges of the stream.
I had a wonderful day of "ploring"!
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Barbara Hammant said...

I am from Hampshire in England and I have been following your blog site for some time, so thought it time to thank you for the wonderful photos that you post together with your great information about the places you visit. Please do not stop I do enjoy myself every morning.

Best Wishes Barbara

Mary said...

Holly, I have to agree with Barbara. Wonderful photos and I too enjoy reading them and looking at your wonderful art. I LOVE your new are such an inspiration to me.....I shared your success at our WW meeting. everyone sends wonderful wishes your way.

Janet Castle said...

Great pictures Holly...of you, and Freeman's Mill Park! Thanks for sharing!