Friday, May 14, 2010

McDaniel Farm Park 3

One of the ladies that I have walked with (interesting that all the walkers in the morning are of Asian descent) told me that there is a family of deer that she sees sometimes. I have not seen the deer, but I did see the rabbit out in the field. There are so many meadows with tall grass that blow so gracefully in the morning breeze.

One field has many thistle plants just beginning to open up. The wild honeysuckle vine is growing all around the park but also, this plant that also has a lovely fragrance is in bloom at the present time.
If anyone knows the name of this plant, I would love to know it. Looks like some type of wild rose, but I am not sure.

I have many more photos of the park, but I will stop here. If I am able to get some good shots at Pioneer Days, I will share those soon!
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Vivian Lindsay said...

I so wished I lived near you so that I could go on a walk with you. Do you go early in the am. What time do you do your photography. Your pictures are so beautiful. I feel like i am part of your world!