Friday, May 21, 2010

Picasa Collages

I thought I would give you a few more options for creating collages with Picasa. Above, I used picture pile, which is my favorite option. It will not look like this when you tell it to create a collage....I straighten and enlarge the photos so it is pleasing to the eye. I also used a b & w photo at the background. I have known this friend since he was born .....can't believe he is now a senior in college!
The collage above is called a mosaic frame. I chose the color and the size of the separation lines. You don't have as much control with this option as you do picture pile as far as photo placement goes, but you can shuffle the photos for more choices.
I really like to use the collage type above, where photos are actually laid over each other. It is especially good for weddings or photos where there is type or other details you want to highlight.
I used picture pile for the collage above, showing "before and after"...or before and half way! I have now lost 60 lbs. and am half way on my weight loss journey that began six months ago. I had Joyce snap a photo of me and she also took a head shot for me to use as my profile photo. Thanks to you that commented on it and on my weight loss. I appreciate the encouragement! I am proud of you when you comment about your weight loss journey also! Hang in there! The photo on the right was taken at Minnehaha Falls in Minnesota last August on my iPhone.

One comment was made about the calendar that my daughter has where she uses collages. It is one of those wooden frame calendar holders that you open the calendar and slip it in and hang it on the wall. We had a hard time finding calendars that were exactly the right size for her frame, so I cut a piece of mat board the right size, did some stamping on the mat board and printed 8.5 by 11 calendars that I found on the web. The calendars are obviously landscape and the collages I do in portrait. I put photo holders so she can change them out and hung the calendar with brads so she can rip off a month when it is done. Sorry I don't have a photo of the calendar, but hopefully you can visualize it. She lives in Memphis so I don't get to her house often.

I have some new Serendipity Stamps that I hope to play with this week, so I will have some new cards for you soon. I have to go up to the cabin as another package was delivered by Fed Ex there that I need instead of to my home I hate it when that happens and I have to drive up to the cabin....NOT!
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Joyce across the Pond said...

You are amazing - congratulations on your weight loss....all the hard work and denying yourself has worked! As someone who has battled overweight all my life I know how you did it...discipline....strong will etc. I too have lost a considerable lot of weight in the last year and it does change your look wonderful! Keep's worth every pound.

Lisa said...

Holly, you look great! Keep up the good work. I think I'll have something sent to the cabin so that I have to run up there, too! Have fun- wish I could be there! (Love the mushrooms! :+))

nise said...

Way to go on the weight loss!!! I love your old vehicles, barns and flags attitude. My kind of stuff,too. Keep draggin me along, Holly. Your travels are wonderful.

Terre said...

Holly, you look wonderful, congratulations on your weight loss journey and life style change, I joined Weight Watchers 3 weeks ago and have lost 8.6 pounds so far, I know I have a long journey ahead of me but I am determined. Hugs to you!!!!