Monday, May 24, 2010

McDaniel Farm Park Pioneer Day - Activities

Along with games and demonstrations, there were hands on activities for those at Pioneer Day. Above a little girl is working on churning butter and below, a sweet little bunny is being held in the petting farm.

There was a tent set up with crafts for the children, like beading and making corn shuck dolls, as seen above.
And something for everyone....a hayride....on the walkways that I love so much!

I enjoyed seeing the farm come to life with animals and activities. From now on, when I walk past the barn, I will think of those huge oxen and the cute goats and sheep and bunnies running around. I hope you have enjoyed this little visit to our Pioneer Day at the farm!
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Julie Petty said...

Corn shuck dolls - I had forgotten about those - thanks for sharing!


Jan Castle said...

Yes Holly, I did enjoy this little trip...thanks so much!!!