Sunday, May 23, 2010

McDaniel Farm Park Pioneer Day - the animals

I have always lived near a city, so I enjoy seeing farm animals and photographing them. I think the photos can be used to make great greeting cards as funny quotes can be added and then the photo added to a card.

I thought the baby goat (above) was especially cute!

I never realized oxen were so BIG! When you do photograph something that you want to show the size, make sure to include something familiar in the photo (like people) that gives emphasis to the size. I took some photos with people in them, but of course, I am limited to four photos when blogging from Picasa.
There was a petting farm in the barn yard which the children really enjoyed. Besides sheep, there were different types of chicken, small ponies and cows and bunnies for petting. I like having the barn in the background of the photo above. Like I have said many times, your legs are one of the best tools you have for your photography.
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Jan Castle said...

Great shots Holly!