Saturday, April 10, 2010

More shots from the Masters

Last year they began having a photographer at the Founders Circle, in front of the Club House, to take your photo. In keeping with the classiness of the Masters, there is no charge for this service. It is on a website where you download it for free. I learned last year not to stand in front of the flag, which will look like a dunce hat when on top of your head!

They do this as you can not take cameras in on Tournament days. There was one man sitting at one today that was escorted out as he sneaked a camera in and was taking foolish!

I will confirm that it is much easier getting around the course with those 55 lbs gone!
At the Par 3, many golfers have family members, including small children, come and "caddy" for their dads. Above you can see one of the caddies, as well as reflections in the pond (which I love) and some of the coating of pollen (which I do not love!).
While on the trip to Alaska, I remember a girl taking photos in different places with a little moose finger puppet. It is kind of like the commercial where the Dad takes photos with the stuffed animal (monkey?). Anyway, I saw this cute little bear and decided to get it for the upcoming grandbaby. I told my son that his days of getting "stuff" had now transferred to the baby! LOL! Sorry about that, Jason!
It is fun to have a little mascot on a trip to photograph along the way. They would make great scrapbook shots! I did learn that they have a dated bear too, which I also bought. Maybe this one will just have to be mine and the dated one will go to the baby.
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Kim said...

WOW! You look fabulous Holly!!! And it looks like both of you are enjoying yourselves too!!

Peggy Maier said...

Don't you look great! I'll bet is easier walking so much when you're so much lighter... keep up the good work! Beautiful shots.

Mary said...

Look at you! are great encouragement for me to keep going! You look WONDERFUL!

Jan Castle said...

You are looking great Holly!!! I have been following your Blog and enjoying the pics, etc.; however, since getting my new computer have been unable to leave you a message...tried again today and got a "Blogger" error message. Am going to try again now...

Jan Castle said...

Yippee!!!! It went thru...guess I am back in business...missed leaving you comments on your great photos!