Friday, April 9, 2010

Masters Par 3

This was the first opportunity we had had to go on Wednesday to the Par 3. When I heard the group of Nicklaus, Palmer and Player being introduced, I knew I had to get some photos. Might as well share them and give some photo tips at the same time, huh?

Often, at a sporting event, you have no control over the people in front of you. This lady in the photo above jumped up and was taking a photo, preventing me from getting a clean shot here of Jack. If I used automatic focus, it was going to focus on her hands so I switched over to manual focus. That way, I could focus on Jack, and use her hands as a frame. Another case of if life gives you lemons, make lemonade!
When you are cropping a photo of a moving subject, such as Arnold Palmer in the photo above, always have them coming into the photo, not leaving it. Here again, this shows the magic of digital!
Another lesson, shoot now and get the explanation later. I was across the green from this exchange with Gary Player and the little boy in the green shirt. I wasn't exactly sure what was happening, but I went ahead and took several shots (it is can delete the unwanted photos!). My daughter was watching on television and said he gave the boy the ball and told him he would autograph it if the little boy would give him a kiss. In the photo below, the little boy is leaning over, giving Gary Player a kiss. Notice the little boy with the red hat to the left, acting like he just couldn't believe his friend was kissing a stranger! I also got a shot of him signing the ball.
Moments like this one is why I love watching the Par 3 (in real life or on tv) comes on tv the Wednesday afternoon before the Masters!! Remember that next year, even if you aren't a fan of golf. It is a great family activity!
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Anonymous said...

My husband was watching this on tv and i just happened to see when Player was giving the ball to the little boy in green and i could've sworn that the little boy in the middle said "that it wasn't fair"...guess he wanted ball too:)

Vivian Lindsay said...

these pictures are so beautiful.Thank you for sharing! And also thank you for sharing the mechanics behind the photo. YOu are so kind to share your art with us. I just ordered a digital camera and I can't wait to follow you and practice!

Jan Castle said...

Can't believe I can now leave comments...have to try again just to make sure it's true! Have really enjoyed learning about the Masters Holly. Thanks,