Sunday, April 11, 2010

A few more Masters shots

The Masters is a very traditional event. They do things the way they want them to be done. The scoreboards are all put up by electronic signs here!

Most people are very surprised to learn that the food is very reasonable (my turkey sandwich on wheat....$1.50....try that at another major event!). There is no advertising, such as Coke glasses....everything is in Masters cups and the sandwiches are in green wrap.

That doesn't mean things don't ever change. This year they have a much larger practice area for the golfers. Last year, they began providing free parking....try to find that at another major event!
You put your chairs down at the spot you want to sit and you can leave it one will mess with it. There might be someone resting in it once in a while, but that is okay.
The mascot had his photo taken at the Founders Circle also. Below is "Magnolia Lane", the entrance for club members to come into the club. There is also a large tree where interviews are done. Someone gave Tiger the advice, "Stay away from the tree!". There was a plane that flew over a couple of times today with funny messages to Tiger....he probably did not think they were funny and I am sure they were not shown on the tv coverage.

I have never been a Tiger fan, though I will admit he is a great athlete. I remember when he came to the Masters as a young college amateur. He kind of scoffed at Magnolia Lane and all the traditions of the Masters. I don't think he still scoffs at them now since he chose the Masters as his reentry spot back into golf.
Time to get some rest!
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