Monday, April 12, 2010

Interesting things about the Masters

A couple of things about the Masters that you might not know if you have not attended is that they have free phones to use to call anywhere (since you can't take your phones in with you.....this is the longest period that I have been without my iPhone since getting it last May!) and also that the restrooms are some of the nicest anywhere! Most golf tournaments have temporary toilets that are not fun, but at the Masters, they are very nice permanent structures that are attended with NO TIPPING signs posted. Plus, since there are so many men there (many drinking a lot of beer!), the lines to the womens restrooms are very short if they even exist while the lines to the men's restroom wraps around the building. We women have to enjoy that for a change!

I will admit that I have camera envy when I go to these events and see all the huge lenses. Would I ever love to have a press pass so I could take my camera equipment in.

To see what a difference there is with my 24/70 zoom compared to my 70/200mm lens, look at these two photos of Nick Faldo getting prepped for tv. These were shot across the fairway of the 11th, at amen corner.
Below, you see some of the lens I am talking about....most of them have three about a load. Notice there are no women photographers as it is a very heavy load. Hmmm, maybe I will pump up the weights at the gym! They also can not go inside the ropes like at most tournaments. They have to be among us patrons!

Each day the pin placement changes. Even though there are traditional spots for each day, they still go through all this to get an exact location. I sit just above this pond at 16....front row....which means I get there very early!!!

Hope you enjoyed this "behind the scenes" tour!
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Becky Spinks said...

Holly, I thoroughtly enjoyed your pictures at the Masters. We watched it every day and had hoped that Phil would win...we were pulling for him very hard, lol! He is such a devoted husband & father...others could take a lesson from him! Thanks for the pictures....

Jan Castle said...

Trying one last time for tonight (after my e-mail to you)...hopefully it will work!