Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Destin, Florida

Last week I made a quick trip down to Destin on the Florida panhandle with my husband. I spent most of the day I was there working on the 322 layouts that were due this week, but I did have to take my walk, right? Weight Watchers and all, you understand!

Anyway, before I leave town for the Masters Tournaments, I thought I would share some of the photos I took while there. I took these with my little Powershot as I do NOT take my good camera on the beach. Nothing will ruin a camera faster than using it on the beach.

The sand is so white and the water such beautiful colors there. I love the colors of the umbrellas and chairs. I can see the photo above being used on a greeting card.
Perspective is another thing to think about. People probably thought I was pretty weird when I was taking these photos, but I don't care!
I tried to get down on ground level for the shot above. The sun was so bright it is somewhat washed out. Of course, your camera sees that bright sun and white sand and it doesn't blink the shutter much!
I love the shadows of the grass and the fencing....such interesting lines!

Have you taken any lovely photos this spring?
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Sandy said...

Oh, you were down near me...I'm in Gulf Breeze, Florida. I love your beach pictures. I love the yellow beach umbrella and chair against the white and blue! If you ever get to Pensacola Beach, please let me know. I attend Gulf Breeze Church of Christ and I'd love it if you were able to attend while in town.