Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Serendipity Stamps

Here are a few more cards I made with Serendipity Stamps and watercolor. If you like the look of their stamps, check them out here.

I have been very busy doing all those layouts for ACMoore stores, so no card making here lately!

I think I will join my husband on a quick trip down to Destin, FL and then we will be away at Augusta, so if I miss a few days posting that is why. Some people actually unsubscribe from getting my blog when I post every day for the reason "too many updates". During the photography lessons, I have had many unsubscribe due to "content no longer relevant".....oh well, can't please everyone!

Get your camera and get outside and do some photography! That is what I will be doing!
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Jan Castle said...

You bet...have a nice trip and enjoy God's beautiful creation! Happy Easter...p.s. wouldn't miss your blog for anything (except a downed computer...having to get a new one by the way...oh well, mine is 8 years old...guess it's time! I want to thank you for the wonderful hints and tips thru your photography series...learned a lot!