Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sandestin, Florida

We stay at Sandestin when we go down, and my husband has a convention there this June. I was scouting out places to get some photography in when I go there this summer. I have probably told you before that I like park benches...I think scenes like this one makes great cards.
Another thing to take photos of are the everyday things you loved ones do, like my husband wearing his glasses on his forehead when he is reading emails on his blackberry. Not something you would normally take a photo of, but that habit is something is something he always does, so I like having a photo of it!
I love the water down there. I grew up in Jacksonville, FL on the Atlantic ocean. The beach here is so much prettier. I still like the Atlantic and actually prefer it for walking on the beach, but you can't hardly capture the beauty of the water here.
I took this foggy photo on the golf course one morning while waling. Your eye goes to the sun, then the trees and then the flag. Since you normally can not include the sun in a photo, it is kind of fun to take advantage of a heavy early morning fog!

I am bound for Augusta....will report in if I have the opportunity!
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Becky said...

Enjoy Augusta, Holly....I'm rooting for Phil (not a Tiger fan, sorry). Love your pictures from Florida, too!

Jan Castle said...

Have fun Holly (I bet you always do). Of course FL is a wonderful place for taking pictures...I grew up in Miami...toooooo bad I was not a photographer then!! LOL