Saturday, March 27, 2010

Zoom, zoom!

One advantage of a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera is that you can change the lens. Different lens come in different focal lengths. Here are some photos taken with a longer focal length. This means that you can zoom in to your subject, making it appear closer than it is. This is great for wildlife and insect shots, as you are far enough away that you aren't going to scare them off.

The cardinal above was taken from the back deck at the cabin. I just set up the camera and when a bird came to eat, I could just take the photo, without adjusting anything. If you have a remote shutter release, you can take your photos with even less movement than pressing the shutter. Most of these plug into your camera, but there are also wireless ones available.
For these butterfly shots, I stood at the edge of the road and was able to zoom into the Joe Pye Weed and thistle along the road and get up close.
Sporting events are also another time a long focal length zoom comes in handy. I put my lens on my sister's Rebel and she took the photo below at Christmas time.
Some people mistakenly think that a "zoom lens" is a long lens...but they can come in different lengths. It just means that the lens is capable of changing focal lengths. Lens that do not change are called "prime" lens and they will be a set number, like 50 mm.
The other set of numbers that are associated with a lens is the f stop. This tells you how large the aperture opens up, thus indicating how much light can be let in the shutter. A smaller number like f 1.4 indicates a very large opening whereas f 5.6 is much smaller. You will pay big bucks for a 1.4 or 2.8, but they will allow you to photograph in much lower light.

Point and shoot cameras also have a built in zoom that will give you some range to get in closer. If you have video capabilities, you can zoom also, but I don't recommend a lot of zooming on video!

I need to measure my long lens and see if I will be able to fit it into my bag that I am taking into the Masters Tournament! It's coming up soon!
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