Friday, March 26, 2010

Photographing in Difficult Situations

Certain conditions make photography hard. Places that are dark, have lots of glass, moving subjects, etc. Examples of these are museums, aquariums, etc. Here are some photos I took at the Atlanta Aquarium.

Always take some photos that include people! My daughter and her husband are in the foreground of the photo above. They came down on Spring Break and we took them to see the aquarium. I could take just photos of the fish, but which is more important, the fish or the people you love? The people, of course. I also took photos of them outside with the building and sign as the background. That is journaling for your memories. Here, I just wanted to capture the moment...outside, I had their attention and smiles.

The tube above is one of my favorites part of the aquarium. I like seeing all the fish swim around you and also the reflection of the people in the glass.

Number one rule....turn OFF your FLASH! That is one of the most important things you can learn for shots in difficult places. Many museums will not allow flash photography.

I like the photo above because of the light source streaming down through the water. I love this effect when it comes out of clouds too. It's a wonder I haven't wrecked pulling off the road when I come across this and want to snap a photo. I have a great shot of streams of light coming down over Gatlinburg in the autumn. I will have to share that later.

A dark contrast is always great on a light subject. Remember, you will have to take several shots to get one to salvage! That is okay! It is the beauty of digital photography!

I did not use a monopod here but it is a wonderful thing and would have been good here. A couple of places in Europe would not let me take it in....had to check it. I would like to take it into the Wednesday practice round of the Masters, but I think I am probably pushing the limit with the size of my camera and lens as it is! Last year I used my Rebel, but there has been a lot of water under the bridge as far as cameras go since last April! They are showing the tournament in 3D this year if you have that cool is that? I told my husband that we watch it in 3D every year. It is worth watching just for the beauty of the flowers! Two weeks away!

Hope your day is going swimmingly!!

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Heide said...

Holly,Thank you for all the great photo tips! We are headed down to Tn and I am looking forward to getting so good pictures due to your help! I look forward to seeing your pictures and cards every morning. Thank you!