Sunday, March 28, 2010

Make Mine Macro!

A macro lens is a close up lens. This is what you want to use when you want to get up close and personal! Perhaps you have noticed that if you are using automatic focusing, where you let the camera focus on something (usually indicating that object with a box or some symbol on the viewfinder or LCD Screen), sometimes it will not focus as the object is too close. So, you have to pull back and then crop later.

Another option is to switch over to manual focusing if you have that capability. Then you can focus on the exact spot you want to be crisp. I remember when ALL focusing was manual!

Point and shoot cameras sometimes have a shooting option that is for closeups. On Canons, it will be a little flower symbol.

I have a prime (not zoom) lens with a 100mm focal length and 2.8 f stop. That is what I took these photos with. Joyce recently bought the same lens and she has been photographing flowers with hers. I have been too busy to get out and take many spring photos, but I need to remedy that. I am sure will get plenty when in Augusta, though I don't plan on taking my macro lens in...there are limits.

One thing Joyce asked me was how to get close to flowers growing in the ground. In case you have not experienced it yet, as you get older, getting down on the ground is tough and getting up is even harder! I love my little gardening tool that you can get down on your knees and have hand holds to help you up or you can flip it over and sit on it. Great tool! Another tool good to use is a step ladder when you need to get up high. I found one that I can also use as a seat.
These boxes are some favor boxes I made using K & Company's Elegance paper and pretty!

And last but not least, Whitney's shoes for her wedding. Macro lenses are nice to capture all those little details!
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Pam P said...

I love all your tips for photography, I purchased a Cannon XSI about a year ago and have not taken the time to really sit down and read the instructions so all of your tips are wonderful and very helpful. Thanks for sharing with us.

Jan Castle said...

Love the macro!!!

Angi - the Mistress of Mayhem said...

Lovely photos!