Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thinking outside of the box with your photographs!

I never said photography is always easy. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box and sometimes you just have to go that extra mile. Like getting up before sunrise and standing out in a cold March wind at the Washington Monument to get that colorful sunrise!
Where you stand makes a difference...like standing at the base of the monument and waiting for the wind to make the flag snap to attention. You might have to take several shots to get one you like. That is the beauty of digital....delete the ones you don't like!

Remember we talked about Depth of field? Above the cherry blossoms is in focus but the monument is out of focus. Try it both ways! You can decide later which you like better. Yes, I did a lot of walking on this trip....and time spent waiting for the sun to rise....and the sun to set!

Really LOOK at your surroundings! On the shot below, you can see the reflection of the people, the other portion of the wall, the Washington Monument, the trees, the trees for real and the shadow of the people...the monument being in the reflection did not just happen....I walked around until I found the right spot.

Think outside of the box and find all the shots you can find!

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Joyce said...

You are SO GOOD! Wish I had your gifted eye!