Monday, March 8, 2010

Getting Dramatic Shots

Sometimes you just have to use natural or existing light to get the best shot. This often means you need to use a monopod, tripod or at least lean against something that is steady. Notice how much more dramatic the shot above with natural light is compared to the one below with a flash. You can always take one of each like I did and decide later which one you like.

The shot above was made at sunrise so you get that warm glow (I remember that March morning was not very warm though!). I also wanted to get the shadow of the flag on the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial in the background. One thing I don't like about the photograph is that it is cut in half rather than in thirds, though the Lincoln Memorial would have been in the lower rule of thirds position if I had pulled back a little.
In this shot of the fountain at the WWII Memorial, I used the sun again to create a silhouette and provide back lighting of the fountain. Getting shots like this requires getting up early, but to me it is worth it.
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Susan / PCC Editor said...

Just have to tell you again how much I am enjoying these photography lessons! So much fun!

Love that you use "real" words and very little technical terms to help us non-photographers understand how to "see" a good shot opportunity.


Jan Castle said...

Oh boy, oh boy...will send you what I did...with your "tips"...great fun Holly...thanks soooo much!